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Hanna J Azar

Bay Area Home Offers is a Bay Area home and property buyer. We are able to pay CASH for your house and close quickly. We are a creative and solution-driven company. We are able to buy your house AS-IS, With or without tenants in place, with no inspections, additional fees, or pressure tactics. WE pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. Check out our How it works page for more details. Our team is ready to help you today!

Why should I choose you guys to Sell My House Fast In The San Francisco Bay Area?

I am passionate about Real Estate and improving Properties and Communities.

Hanna knows that real estate involved multiple stakeholders involved. As a result, he thoroughly enjoys improving the lives of everyone involved when it comes to investing in real estate. The best part about being in the real estate investing world is the positive impact I can make on the people I deal with, including tenants, sellers, and the local community. Nothing beats making people’s lives better by improving neighborhoods one property at a time.

Our greatest achievement so far has been providing people from different socioeconomic backgrounds with clean, safe, and stable housing that they are proud to call home. For example, every time we acquire a property, we go above and beyond the normal management practices. We make exterior improvements first. The reasoning is to give all residents and the neighbors pride of ownership. 

We’re a person-centered real estate company. We help people who need to sell a house for many different types of reasons. Whether you’re going through a foreclosure, can’t sell a property, inherited a house but need cash, facing expensive repairs, or just need to sell a house for any reason at all, we can help. 

We also help people who want to sell mixed-use buildings, apartment buildings, and multi-unit properties. We buy these types of buildings directly from the building owners. We can help them lower the expenses from the sale process. We also can help them structure the sale so that it minimizes their tax burden through 1031 exchanges and/or seller carrybacks. We are a solutions-driven company and love problem-solving! We have professional experience with the real estate closing process. We understand what slows the process down and takes up more valuable time. So we have created a process that speeds up the closing so the current owner can close faster, get their money faster, and move on with their life.

I am Honest and will always advise you on your best course of Action…..

Many of my competitors are only able to see your house in the eyes of an investor by maximizing their profits as much as they can. This means that they will try to offer you the least amount that they can. Besides being an investor, Hanna is also a Broker-Associate at Compass Commercial, where he operates broker at He can advise as both a broker and an investor to help you make the best decision possible!

Hanna offers has a unique perspective as both a broker and an investor. We will advise you on your best course of action. We believe in educating people who are looking to sell their homes. We are honest and will give you honest feedback on the valuation of your home. Sometimes it makes more sense to sell your property on the open market and we will be happy to tell you this. Other times, it can make more sense to sell directly to me for a fair cash price.

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Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at our A+ BBB Rating!

An Experienced Buyer that you can rely on

What sets Bay Area Home Offers from our other investors you may ask? Our team has done hundreds of remodeling projects throughout the Bay Area. While other “Cash Buyers” may try to sell your properties as-is, we always look to improve our local communities by providing jobs to our contractors and service people, while enhancing a property’s appeal.

These projects have ranged from seismic retrofits, simple renovations, exterior facelifts, landscaping, and more. No project is too big for us.

Local Buyer- Fair and Honest– GUARANTEED!

We will Buy your Property, regardless of the situation.

Our team is ready to work with you. Because our team has tons of experience renovating properties, you will receive the highest cash offer price, regardless of the condition! Instead of wasting months dealing with property inspections, house cleaning, real estate agents, and dozens of people in and out of your house you can get a Cash Offer instantly with us. You will save on closing costs, agent commissions, inspection reports, and other fees associated with selling your house the traditional way.

We buy houses all across the Bay Area and promise to:

We will buy your house As-Is

No Commissions or additional Fees

We will buy your house with tenants in place

No matter the circumstances may be, we will be a solution-driven:


Bad Tenants

High Vacancy

Need to move

We will close Quickly and be Fair to Deal with

We will Pay Cash

No Repairs or cleaning up is necessary.

Too Many Repairs



Housing costs are too expensive